Alladin Carafes (1.3L)

The Nature's Design ALLADIN carafe is the standard version of the TC carafe range.

The cavity resonance generated by this ALLADIN carafe resonates to the sound frequency of the note F. This frequency is an information carrier for a vertical energy flow, similar to the energetic motion patterns in trees.

The size of this carafe is very useful, containing a reasonable amount of liquid, yet easy to lift and pour when full. It also doesn’t require much table/bench space, being only 16cm wide.

The variant with the gold “Flower of Life” logo in the carafe base in particular has remained one of the most popular Nature's Design products for many years. It also comes in the White and Happy Flower of Life variants.

The Alladin Carafe has been partnered with our popular Mythos Tumblers to create a fabulous gift idea. More information about the Mythos Tumbler is here.








Dimensions & details:

Approx 20cmH, 16cmW
(dimensions without stopper)
Filling quantity = about 1.3 litres

lead-free glass

Manufactured using traditional glass-blowing techniques

The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glassblowing production. There may be differences in weight within the given range. Symbols are burnt in the glass bottom at about 600 degrees Celsius.



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