Energy Plates

Glass Energy Plate:
The glass Energy Plates (small and large) are hand-polished glass with the Flower-of- Life symbol emblazoned into the glass in 24 carat gold at around 600 degrees Celsius. Available in Large (22cm diameter) and Small (9cm diameter), the intention of these plates is to energetically enhance and revitalise whatever is placed upon them.
Caution: this item is not intended for use with hot dishes. Please do not place hot vessels on the Energy Plate.

Energy Hot Plate:
The ceramic Energy Hot Plate with its cork pad is intended for use with hot dishes. It is made from a fine, glazed terracotta and includes a cork pad insert. Hand-made to specific dimensions, each hot plate is a unique piece created by European craftsmen. The Flower-of- Life symbol has been glazed onto the ceramic to further energetically enhance and revitalise whatever is placed upon it.






Dimensions & details:

EP small = about 9 cm / 4mm
EP large = about 22cm / 6mm
Weight: EP small = about 60 g
EP large = about 500 g

Hand-polished glass with burnt in symbol of 23,8 carats of gold

Manufactured using traditional glass-blowing techniques, each product is a unique piece.

The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glassblowing Production. There may be differences in weight within the given range. Symbols are burnt in at the glass bottom at about 600 degrees Celsius.




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