Mythos Tumblers

The MYTHOS tumbler is a robust, daily drinking cup designed for everyday use and is therefore a suitable choice for children and for use in catering and restaurants. The gentle shape makes the glass easy to hold and is comfortable in the hand. This is particularly helpful for young children and the elderly. Its form has also been chosen to ensure that the MYTHOS cup can never fall over. For a demonstartion of this property, please view our clip here.

The Mythos Tumbler can withstand hot water - up to 70 degrees celsius, so it can be used for tea or coffee. However, as glass is an excellent conductor of heat, please be aware that the glass will become extremely hot and will be difficult to handle. Please ensure you safely insulate your hand from the hot glass if you intend to use it for hot liquids.

The shape of the MYTHOS tumbler, as with all Nature's Design glassware, was designed using the “natural law according to the Golden Ratio”. This mathematical model – found almost universally in nature – is often referred to as “Sacred Geometry”, because it is the found repeated in natural forms throughout the universe – the “geometry of life”.  The water held within (also suitable for juice) is strengthened in its biological value and takes on a more floral note in its flavour.

The primary geometry of the 3-membered shape of the MYTHOS cup also contains the “square of the circle”, and represents a harmony between the contrasts of female (moon) and male (sun). The Mythos cup is available either Basic, Golden or Happy model, or with Affirmations on the base.  The Affirmations are each a combination of symbol, colour, and words. All of them are intended to promote an increased recognition of one‘s own abilities and potential. For more information see our Symbols and Affirmations page. 

Gentle handwash only - washing in the dishwasher may cause the symbols to eventually fade.

CHAKRA’ Mythos Tumblers

We are proud to present the newest range of products created by Nature's Design, the Chakra Mythos Tumblers.

'Chakras' are your energy centres for the physical body, located along the midline of the body from the crown to the root. The seven primary chakras govern our psychological and physiological experiences. Drinking vitalised water that has been energised with colour, sacred symbols and affirmations, as well as in a glass designed to correlate with the Golden Ratio, helps to balance the Chakras.

According to Dr Masaru Emoto's scientific research into the properties and structure of water molecules, water absorbs information from the environment it is in, within a very short period of time. After 3 minutes in the Mythos Chakra glass, water molecules are restructured, vitalised, and ready to drink.

Cleaning: Clean by hand with gentle detergent. You CAN wash it in the dishwasher up to 500 times - after that, the symbols may begin to fade.


Dimensions & details:

H/W = 85/85 mm
Filling quantity = 250ml
weight = 175 - 185 g

borosilicate glass, heat proof, lead-free and cadmium free


The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glassblowing production. There may be differences in weight within the given range. Symbols are burnt in at the glass bottom at about 600 degrees Celsius.

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