Feedback on the Alladin carafe and wineglass:

“They worked a treat with the ripple effect of the carafe and glass surface helping with aeration and concentration of aroma and flavour.... the wine opened up quickly and held its intensity beautifully...well done on selecting this amazing glassware.” C.M, South Australia.

Feedback on the Alladin carafe and Mythos Tumbler:

“I did feel the water was fuller somehow, more velvety. But it wasn’t until I was out one day and drank tap water from an ordinary glass that I realised how superior the taste of the water from my glassware was.” S.H. New South Wales.

I bought the Carafe set, Alladin and Mythos glasses with the Golden Flower of Life at the show I attended last month. After several days of drinking from it, not only was the taste and texture amazingly refreshing (like drinking from a mountain waterfall) - there were all sorts of sensations occurring. I have now heaps more energy and my health has picked up to another level. I want to thank Thomas Chocola for all his efforts in research and design so this product could be made. It is so needed now.
Thanks so much!
Central Coast NSW










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