the vortex

The most natural and powerful motion in nature is the vortex. From a tornado to the tumbling action of a bubbling brook to the gentle movement of the sea’s waves, the natural inclination of water is to move in a spiralling action. The spiral flow of the vortex facilitates the stimulation of energy to an infinite intensity. Even today, the power and potential of the vortex is only beginning to be understood.

The Calamus drinking straw has been created on the principles of the vortex and modern quantum physics - as well as ancient insights into the natural flow of life energy. Many physical constants known in biophysics make the fluid swirl around the centre. The Calamus drinking straw also utilises the same harmonic design principle as the other pieces of Nature's Design glassware (which can be noted in the multiple sections of the straw) to improve the biological value of potable liquids.

The Calamus Drinking straw revitalises water by creating a counter clock-wise vortex through which the moving water or liquid is carried as it is ingested. Its adventurous journey through the Calamus drinking straw gives water more vitalising energy. This is different from the carafe which creates the vitalisation effect by holding the fluid within the glassware for at least three minutes.

NOTE: No form of healing or any other promise of influences over illness are associated with Nature's Design glassware. The use of Nature's Design glassware does not promise to enhance well being and the user must assume personal responsibility for use.








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