Warming Stand

Warming Stand for the Delicate Carafe in clear or orange base colours.

This warming stand, specifically designed to fit the DELICATE carafe, is the perfect accessory for maintaining the temperature of your favourite beverage.  Simply place a tea light in the base and enjoy hours of warmth to your favourite beverage.

Please remember that glass is an excellent conductor of heat - the glass may become extremely hot and be difficult to handle. Please ensure you safely insulate your hand from the hot glass if you intend to use it for hot liquids.

Each product is unique: small imperfections such as slightly different dimensions or small bubbles are not defects, but rather a typical feature of handmade glass products. Each product displays the logo of Nature's Design which has been fired into the glass. 






Dimensions & details:

Height / diameter:    approx.  8 / 12 cm (3.2 / 4.7 in)
Weight:        210 – 225 gm

Standard lead-free quartz glass

Machine made




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