Wine Glassware

Our wine glassware range includes wine glasses, shot glasses and a wine carafe. All have been shaped according to the principles of the Golden Ratio and harmonic resonance.

Calix Wine Glasses:
The Calix Wine Glasses have the most unique and energetically active design of any wine glass on the market today. Both glasses are suitable for all kinds of wine but the red wine glass has a larger capacity (500ml) making it especially good for red wine. You will be truly amazed at the effect these glasses have on your favourite wines.

Calix Grappa/Liquer Glasses:
The Calix Shot/Grappa glass has a unique shape, suitable for your favourite "shot" or serving of grappa or similar beverage. With a capacity of 70ml, this distinctive and uniquely shaped glass will truly amaze you when you tasted the effect this glass has on your drink. (Sold in a 2-glass set only – not available individually.)

Rubellum Wine Carafe:
The "Rubellum" wine carafe (mouthblown) delights wine connoisseurs because of its curved design, inspired by the dimensions of the Golden rectangle. Decanting wine into the "Rubellum" alters its crystalline structure and preprocesses it organically. The Flower of Life, in white, is burned into the bottom of the carafe to further influence the vitality of the wine. The carafe can be sealed with a glass stopper if you wish. The effect of this unique design on the glassware is truly astonishing and delightful.






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