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The Flower of Life and Other Symbols

Mythos Tumblers with the Flower of Life symbol in the base by Natures Design

Mythos Tumblers with the Flower of Life symbol in the base by Natures Design

The strength of the revitalising effect of Nature’s Design glassware has been further reinforced in many pieces by the addition of the Flower of Life pattern in the base (also known as “Sacred Geometry” or “Sacred Flower”), fired in fine detail at more than 600 degrees C (1100 F) or in the case of the porcelain products – glazed and fired. The Sacred Flower-of-Life is believed to generate its own energetic resonance to powerfully reinforce the positive influence of the glassware.

Symbols such as the “Flower of Life” have been used in all cultures around the globe throughout history. It is mathematically proven that basic geometric patterns form the foundation upon which life is constantly born. Natural symbols are an expression of the essence of life. The most minute entities (fractals, neutrinos) facilitate vastly diverse designs throughout the cosmos.

Understanding the concept of “naturally occurring resonance” – that all things are in a state of vibration – explains the effectiveness of symbolism. Water appears to be able to recognise information of a diverse nature and transport its meaning. As a result of the information that it can contain, shaped elements, colours, geometric patterns and combinations of words can effect a change in biological structuring. Particularly strong resonance phenomena can result from the enlarged presentation of naturally occurring structures, such as the natural geometric symbol of the “Flower of Life”.

Flower of Life symbol

The “Flower of Life” symbol is considered one of the most powerful symbols of sacred geometry. Originally discovered on a stone monument in an ancient Egyptian temple, it is a symbolic representation of the source and inter-connectedness of all life. In many cultures of the world, the Flower of Life symbol has been known and used for energising and stabilising food and water. This symbol has been emblazoned on the bottom of carafes, tumblers, drinking glasses and energy plates in a variety of colours. Each colour has a specific intentional effect on the energetic imprint of the water and the surrounding area, according to the principles of colour therapy.

GOLD variant:
24 carat gold provides energetic support and biological enhancement. In colour therapy, the colour gold has been associated with strengthening of the immune system and stimulation of higher consciousness for the evolution of Self.

WHITE variant:
Promotes openness and completeness in perception. In colour therapy, the colour white has been associated with health of the physical and emotional bodies, and healing generally.

COLOURED variant:
Promotes a happy, life-affirming consciousness. The multi-coloured version of the Flower of Life is specially designed for children or the “Inner Child” in adults, and stimulates the energy and experience of joy. This carafe is also referred to as “Happy”.

PLATINUM variant:
Activates the feeling of self-love and self-recognition.

The Chakra Mythos Tumblers

Chakras are your energy centers for the physical body, located along the mid-line of the body from the crown to the root. These seven primary chakras govern our psychological and physical experiences. Drinking vitalized water which has been energized with colour, sacred symbols and affirmations, as well as in a glass designed with the Golden Ratio, helps to balance the chakras.

Crown / Chakra Affirmation Wisdom (purple colour). The 7th Chakra on the Crown represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.  It is the center of spirituality, enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy. It allows for the inward flow of wisdom, and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness.

Brow Chakra / Affirmation Intuition (indigo colour)
The Brow chakra or 6th chakra in the middle of the forehead (third eye) is linked to Intuition. It is about insight and visualization. When it is open, you have a good intuition and can learn from your experiences and put them in perspective.

Throat Chakra / Affirmation Creativity (blue colour) The throat chakra or 5th chakra is linked to our creativity. It is about self-expression and talking. When it is open, you express yourself in the most truthful manner and you are also able to receive and assimilate information.

Heart Chakra / Affirmation Love (green colour) The Heart chakra or the 4th chakra is linked to love. When it is open and balanced, you are compassionate, kind, affectionate and friendly, and you work in harmonious relationships.

Solar Plexus / Chakra Affirmation Courage (yellow colour) The 3rdChakra on the Solar Plexus is linked to courage and strength. It is about being able to obtain and maintain your own personal power. You have sufficient self-esteem and feel assertive in a group.

Root Chakra / Affirmation Health (red colour) Root chakra or the 1stchakra is linked to health. It is about being physically present and the feeling of home. When it is open, you feel grounded, stable and secure. You feel present in the here and now and connected to your physical body.