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About Our Glassware

Nature’s Design glassware has been designed and manufactured to correlate with the dimensions of the Golden Ratio – also known as Sacred Geometry. It is the unique properties of the shape and form of Nature’s Design that distinguishes it from all other glassware. The waved forms have been precisely calculated to generate a silent vibration attuned to the Fibonacci Sequence (major chords) – a concept we call “Harmonic Resonance”. The resonance influences the vitality of the liquid within – and the environment surrounding – the glassware.

A Glossary of terms and phrases commonly used in relation to Nature’s Design products can be found on our “About Nature’s Design” page >

Traditional craftsmanship is necessary for the production of Nature’s Design glassware. The signature range of carafes are mouth-blown by European craftsmen using an individual, preformed mould: this makes every carafe a unique work of art. A few pieces in the range, such as the Mythos Tumblers, one of the wineglasses, the Lagoena water bottle and the sprayers, are machine-made or made using a semi-automated process. (Production techniques are listed in their product description on this website.) These products are made to precisely calculated dimensions to ensure perfectly balanced outcomes.

All Nature’s Design products are made from the highest quality materials. The glass used to make Nature’s Design glassware is approximately 40% silica sand, which is known to be a highly energetic medium. The glass is also completely free of lead or any other heavy metals. Minor imperfections and variations in the shape are a typical indication of hand-crafted fabrication. If you notice any small (cosmetic) imperfection, you may be assured that this will not affect the performance of the product or diminish its efficacy in any way.

The Design Concept

“Nature’s Design” has been developed from the marriage of music and engineering. The idea of creating “form from sound” in glassware has its genesis in the glassworks region of the Austrian Waldviertel, where the first harmonic shapes of the Nature’s Design range were created under the original brand name Nature’s Design.

The Nature’s Design concept is to create harmoniously balanced shapes and forms in glassware that have the ability to restructure water molecules to the integrity they have in nature. Structured water has an improved taste, texture and vitality, important for health and wellbeing*.


“The Principle” by Nature’s Design

“Our quest for the most energizing and harmonious design principle has lead us to the proportions of the Golden Ratio, which are – quite literally – Nature’s Design, and to the powerful symbol of the Flower of Life. 

“Years ago, when we first saw Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s pictures of water crystals, showing the difference which intention makes on the structure of water, we were very impressed. What fascinated us most at Nature’s Design was the positive change of the water’s structure, which arises from the conscious use of forms which are in harmony with the design principle of the natural world. Since then, a fascination with water and form has stayed with us.

“And that is what Nature’s Design stands for today: elegant, close to nature, and helpful products of quality for everyday use – and for the well-being of the body, the mind, and the soul.”

Some of the terms and phrases commonly used in relation to Nature’s Design glassware (Glossary) can be viewed on our “About Nature’s Design” page >  Always handle your glassware with care and follow the Instructions.


*No form of healing or any other promises of influence over illness are associated with Nature’s Design glassware. The use of Nature’s Design glassware does not promise to enhance wellbeing and the user must assume personal responsibility for use. “NTP Health Products” is not connected with any kind of statement about healing or specific health benefits in relation to any of the products we stock. The information provided on this website has been sourced from the manufacturer and is supplied in good faith. NTP Health Products is not responsible for any interpretation of the information contained herein. As Australian Distributors of this product range, if you have any questions, please contact us, and we will do our best to source a response from the manufacturers.