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About Nature’s Design

Nature’s Design is a Swiss-based company who manufacture and distribute glassware and fine porcelain products around the world. The tagline “Golden Ratio Products” alludes to the nature of the unique properties of this extraordinary range of products.

“Nature’s Design” has been developed from the marriage of music and engineering. The idea of creating “form from sound” in glassware has its genesis in the glassworks region of the Austrian Waldviertel, where the first harmonic shapes of the Nature’s Design range were created.

Traditional craftsmanship is necessary for the production of the Nature’s Design range of products. Each carafe is mouth-blown using an individual, preformed mould. This makes every carafe a unique work of art.

These products are made to precisely calculated dimensions to ensure perfectly balanced outcomes. All glassware dimensions have been musically fine-tuned to a Major Chord. Relations and distances between curves correlate with the rules of Sacred Geometry.



Below are some of the terms and phrases associated with Nature’s Design glassware that may not be familiar to consumers. This information is provided to help you understand how Nature’s Design glassware is distinguished from other glassware manufacturers. If you have any questions that are not answered in this website, please email us.


Chakras are your energy centers for the physical body, located along the mid-line of the body from the crown to the root. These seven primary chakras govern our psychological and physical experiences. Drinking vitalized water which has been energized with color, sacred symbols and Chakra symbols, as well as in a glass designed with the Golden Ratio, helps to balance the chakras. They have been added to the Tumblers in deference to the work by Masaru Emoto, who first put forward the theory that water has a structure and a “memory” and can respond to the words and language it is exposed to. For more information on the work of Masaru Emoto, visit http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/index.html.

A range of books written by Masaru Emoto can be purchased from our secure online shopping cart.

Mythos tumblers with Chakra symbols

Bovis Units:

The revitalisation of water by the glassware results in improved taste and biological vitality. Biological value may be measured in BOVIS, a scale unit postulated by French physicist Alfred Bovis. The Bovis Unit is used by practitioners of radiesthesia and geomancy in order to evaluate the vitality of food and places. For example, a healthy human being has a vibration of approximately “7000 BOVIS”. Food should vibrate at a higher bovis rate. The biological valorisation of water, juices or wines in the Alladin Carafe amounts to approximately 25,000 BOVIS units. The valorisation in Mythos tumblers is equivalent to approximately 12,500 BOVIS.

“Measurement of water quality with the biotensor: according to Bovis Units, after 3 minutes there can be seen a biologically meaningful change of the water quality.”

[Biological expertise Messbüro, DI Paul Sommer, D-98533 Schleusingen.]


Fibonacci sequence:

In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci series or Fibonacci sequence are the numbers in the following integer sequence:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …etc…

They are intimately connected with the Golden Ratio. Applications include computer algorithms such as the Fibonacci search technique and the Fibonacci heap data structure, and graphs called Fibonacci cubes used for interconnecting parallel and distributed systems. They also appear in biological settings, such as branching in trees, phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves on a stem), the fruit sprouts of a pineapple,[9] the flowering of artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pine cone.

[Source: http://www.wikipedia.com/fibonacci_sequence]

The ratio of the Fibonacci Sequence is reflected in the dimensions of the Nature’s Design products and is the reason that their shape generate harmonic resonance.


The Flower of Life is a name for a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles. This figure, used as a decorative motif since ancient times, forms a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, an author from the New Age movement, has called these figures symbols of sacred geometry, asserting that they represent ancient spiritual beliefs, and that they depict fundamental aspects of space and time.

The Flower of Life and the Seed of Life are linked by New Age authors with the Biblical prophet Enoch, the Archangel Metatron, the six days of Creation, the Vesica Piscis religious symbol, and Borromean rings.

The Flower-of-Life symbol has been emblazoned into the base of most Nature’s Design products to further enhance the revitalising influence generated by the glassware.

More information about the Flower of Life can be found here.

[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower_of_Life] “

The flower of life” by Nature’s Design

This powerful symbol – another expression of what is sometimes referred to as “Sacred Geometry”, is found in many cultures and religions – and also in the products. And for good reason. In its simple beauty and perfection, it is a symbol for the perpetual process of creation and, in the process, contributes to the harmonious reorganization or “structuring” of water.

The Flower of Life consists of numerous overlapping circles. The starting point is the circle in the center. Represented in this circle is a basic, geometrical structure, which reveals that originally, all life sprang from a single source. Keyword:cell division. Cell division proceeds until every creature has achieved its appropriate and harmonious form.

As this symbol is utilized in products, water held in these products remembers this “original code” through the infl uence of the Flower of Life. Water once again arranges itself symmetrically as it corresponds to its basic structure, the hexagon. And this same, original, hexagonal form is found in the Flower of Life!


Golden Ratio:

In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. The golden ratio is also called the golden section (Latin: sectio aurea) or golden mean. Other names include extreme and mean ratio, medial section, divine proportion, divine section (Latin: sectio divina), golden proportion, golden cut, and golden number.

[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio]
The Golden Ration is reflected in the mathematical relationship between the sections of waved shapes in Nature’s Design products.

“The Golden Ratio” by Nature’s Design

Since antiquity, the underlying proportions of the Golden Ratio have served as the epitome of beauty and aesthetics.

Even today, this perfect proportion can be found in art, in architecture, in design – and elsewhere.

The Golden Ratio is evident everywhere in nature, which is why we use it as the guiding principle in the design of our products. It arises from the equality of proportions, when the relationship between the larger and the smaller part is the same as that between the whole and the larger part. This ratio, this formula – the phi number from mathematics – is 1.618.

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is based on this same principle, and describes the characteristics of growth processes which can be found in nature, for instance in the leaf and flower position of plants. This arises, for example, in left and right handed spirals with a ratio of 8 to 13, or 21 to 34 (all numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.) When dividing these numbers the result is always 1.618, which is known as “Phi” or the Golden Ratio.

All glass and porcelain products are carefully conceived in accordance with the golden-ratio, making every piece genuinely pleasing to the eye and energetically in alignment with the flow of life force energy.


Harmonic Resonance:

Harmonic resonance is a term that has been coined to describe the action of Nature’s Design products on the structure and vitality of water molecules. It is based on the understanding that all things are in a state of vibration, and that when forms are shaped in the mathematical ratio of the Fibonacci Sequence, the vibration emitted is in the harmonic relationship of a major chord.


Masaru Emoto:

Masaru Emoto (born July 22, 1943) is a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s hypothesis has evolved over the years. Initially he believed that water takes on the “resonance” of the energy which is directed at it, and that polluted water can be restored through prayer and positive visualisation. Since 1999 Emoto has published several volumes of a work titled Messages from Water, which contains photographs of water crystals, and their accompanying experiments.

[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto]

Info here about how his work influenced the creation of Nature’s Design products.

A range of books written by Masaru Emoto can be purchased from our secure online shopping cart.


Sacred Geometry:

The study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein. Many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry, for example, the chambered nautilus grows at a constant rate and so its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate that growth without changing shape. Also, honeybees construct hexagonal cells to hold their honey. These and other correspondences are seen by believers in sacred geometry to be further proof of the cosmic significance of geometric forms. Pythagoras is often credited for discovering that an oscillating string stopped halfway along its length produces an octave relative to the string’s fundamental… Pythagoreans believed that these harmonic ratios gave music powers of healing which could “harmonize” an out-of-balance body.

[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred_geometry]


Structured Water:

Many theories exist about the structure of water. Since the structure of liquid water cannot be observed, many have evolved from observing its form when frozen. Masaru Emoto developed a procedure for photographing the structure of frozen water crystals and this work has influenced the development of modern theory about “Structured Water”.

Pure water can be observed (when frozen) to have a size-sided crystalline shape – a cascading design of 6 sequential sections that aligns with the geometry found everywhere in nature (Sacred Geometry; Golden Ratio). However, water molecules that have been exposed to pollution, high pressure, or toxic environments can also be observed (when frozen) to have misshapen, distorted crystalline shapes.

For more information about Structured Water, please visit our Structured Water page.