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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Nature’s Design glassware has been designed and manufactured to correlate with the dimensions of the Golden Ratio – also known as Sacred Geometry. Most of the range has been handmade/mouthblown by European craftsmen.

It is the unique properties of the shape and form of Nature’s Design that distinguishes it from all other glassware. The waved forms have been precisely calculated to generate a silent vibration attuned to the Fibonacci Sequence (major chords) – a concept we call “Harmonic Resonance”. The resonance influences the vitality of the liquid within – and the environment surrounding – the glassware.

A Glossary of terms and phrases commonly used in relation to Nature’s Design products can be found on our “About Nature’s Design” page >

Generally, the term “Nature’s Design glassware” on this page refers to all products made under the “Nature’s Design” brand even if they are not made specifically of glass. Please email us if you have any specific questions.


Qu. 1: Is my tap water healthy water?

Tap water is weakened by flowing in straight pipes and by the unnaturally high water pressure. Water can lose its structural integrity when exposed to high pressure and pollutants. This water does not have the vitality of properly structured water as found in nature. Water that is poured into a Nature’s Design carafe and or drinking cups is provided the opportunity to restore itself by being in an environment that is conducive to restructuring. The harmonic resonance generated by the glassware remind the water of its original structure and helps it revitalise itself.


Qu.2: How long does it take to revitalise water using the Nature’s Design carafe?

Revitalisation happens very quickly. The prime loading of normal tap water in the Alladin carafe, for example, takes place after just 3 minutes.


Qu. 3: How much water should be drunk?

The daily quantity and quality of water is important for maintaining physical health. The drinking of vital water is very important, as drinking water is the means of decontaminating and purifying the body – which is essential for good health. Only rotating vibrations – such as those created by Nature’s Design glassware – are able to revitalise water. Some experts suggest that 1 – 2 litres of water per day is needed for optimal health. Many of Nature’s Design’s customers relate that they have been drinking much more water, since they started using our products.


Qu. 4: What generates the effects of Nature’s Design products?

The positive effect of Nature’s Design glassware on water molecules is generated by the conscious creation of harmonic forms and symbols. All forms work like antennas and create or diffuse energy in their surroundings. The harmonically balanced and geometrically calculated shapes and forms of Nature’s Design glassware generates an energising resonance pattern that restores the water within the glassware – and can ALSO improve the surrounding environment – with subtle waves of harmonic resonance. These waves amplify each other to improve the quality and vitality of any liquid.


Qu. 5: What is the reason for those waves in the design?

The 6-wave structure is a result of the musical composition of the whole design. The relationship and the distance of the individual waves are calculated according to the rules of the “Golden Ratio”, also known as “Sacred Geometry”.


Qu. 6: What does “musical design” mean?

Music is an audible vibration that is pleasing to humans and nature. It is the basis of all aspects. Water responds to harmonic musical vibrations – and as the human body is 70% water, we respond physically to musical vibrations too.  We have been able to apply these concepts to our designs by creating forms that represent the major chords in music.


Qu. 7: Does each form have an effect?

Yes, each form has an effect on its surroundings. The old masters, who created forms with strong architectures, have always been conscious of the forces and effects of forms.


Qu. 8: What is the geometric symbol found on the base of most glassware pieces?

This symbol is called “The Flower of Life” and in many cultures was used for stabilising and loading of positive energy. It shows the creation of life in a 6-part crystal form. For more information please see our post on The Flower of Life >


Qu. 9: How does the symbol come into the glass?

The WHITE variant is sandblasted into the glass bottom and is therefore dishwasher proof. The variants GOLD and COLOURED are burnt (or “emblazoned”) into the glass bottom at approx. 550 – 600 degrees and should be cleaned by hand.


Qu. 10: Can I add additional information into the glass?

In general, the reitalising effect of Nature’s Design products on water is absolutely sufficient. While it is possible to apply additional information to the glass, it should always be done with care and appropriate knowledge. This means that an additional mineral stones or gems can be added into the carafe for a certain time of treatment. However, the mixing of energies should be approached with caution, since they can sometimes be incompatible. For more information we suggest you seek the advice and guidance of a gem/minerals expert.


Qu. 11: “What is Biological Valency?”

As explained in this statement by Paul Sommer Dipl.Ing: “Basically all matter, also water, is concentrated energy, which we sense unconsciously as spirit. Comparable to the activation of hidden forces by mental training, the increase in biological quality of the water means the formation of a crystalline information pattern, which provides a higher development potential for the organism through their subtle energies.” For further information please see: www.baubetreuung.de.vu or www.elektrosmog.com


Qu. 12: What are BOVIS units?

A measuring unit for “biological valency” is called BOVIS – the French physicist Alfred Bovis established this measuring system that is used by many dowsers and geomants to determine the vitality of humans and food. Therefore a healthy person measures approximately 7000 Bovis. Food should be above this level. The biological vitalisation of water, juices or wine by the Nature’s Design Alladin carafe amounts to approx. 25,000 BOVIS units. The loading by the Nature’s Design drinking cups amounts to approx. 12,500.


Qu. 13: What is the difference between the revitalisation effect of the carafe and glasses?

The loading in Nature’s Design drinking glasses is approx. 50% of the Nature’s Design carafe value. The revitalising and restructuring effect of the carafes can be observed when photographing frozen crystals within 3 minutes.


Qu. 14: What is the difference between the symbols white, coloured and golden?

The GOLDEN symbol (with approx. 23.8 carat gold portion) supports the stabilisation of the immune system. The COLOURED symbol is very suitable for children and young people or also for people, who have a serious mind. Thus the colours of the symbol support a happy mind. The GOLDEN symbol shows the strongest energetic charge, followed by the COLOURED and WHITE one. All three variants are suitable for daily use (also for children, animals, plants).


Qu. 15: What capacity do the Nature’s Design forms have?

The Nature’s Design carafe capacity is approx. 1.3 litres. To fill the bottom belly section of the carafe would be ideal, giving approx. 1 litre of content. The Delicate capacity is approx. 0.5 litres. The capacity of the glasses is approx. 0.25 litres. See the product descriptions for more information – visit our shopping cart >


Qu. 16: What is the base material of the glass?

The glass used to make Nature’s Design glassware is approximately 40% silica sand, which is known to be a highly energetic medium. Some pieces also use recycled glass, as indicated in their product description on our shopping cart. The glass is hand-blown and free of heavy metals (eg, lead). As it is handcrafted work, changes in form and in weight are easily made – an indication of originality and authenticity.


Qu. 17: How do I clean Nature’s Design vessels, particularly in case of calcification?

You should clean your Nature’s Design table vessels with citric acid, which is a bakery improver with an antibacterial effect, so is suitable for consumption and dissolving chalk marks. Dissolve one spoonful of citric acid in hot water and dilute it then with cold water; fill the carafe and the glasses. Leave for approx. 12 hours. Rinse out afterwards.


Qu. 18: Which liquids can I drink out of Aladdin and Nature’s Design glasses?

Water, juices and also wine are suitable liquids. Also tea can be drunk from it, however only use lukewarm beverages, otherwise heat cracks could form in the glass. The Delicate carafe is the only one suitable for hot beverages. Glass is an excellent heat conductor, so please be cautious when handling hot water in the Delicate carafe to avoid burns.


Qu. 19: Can you drink wine out of the Aladdin Carafe?

All Nature’s Design carafes are suitable for decanting wine, however the Rubellum Carafe is specially designed for this purpose. Crystal investigations show a noticeably positive reinforcement of wine crystals. Please see our range of wine glassware on our shopping cart >


Qu. 20: Is it possible to drink too much restructured water?

In rare cases natural purification processes of the body can occur at the beginning. Light headache and diarrhoea are typical indications of purification and detoxification of the body. In this case the quantity of the Nature’s Design influenced water should be reduced a little. After few days this intensive purification process of the body will dissipate.


Qu. 21: Should one always drink from one’s own glass?

Glass is absorptive and retains personal energies. Therefore it’s absolutely recommended to use your own personal glass.


Qu. 22: Why is there a price difference between the different Aladdin variants?

Small differences in pricing result from the processing of the symbols. The Delicate carafe is the cheapest, followed by Happy Aladdin, Golden Aladdin, and finally the glossy finished white variant (the glossy finishing procedure is very complex and labour-intensive).


Qu. 23: What does the Aladdin carafe do?

The Aladdin carafe is the signature product in the Nature’s Design range as it increases the biological value of water and its surroundings most powerfully. This means the natural strength (integrity) of water is revived and restored to the natural state of its original structure.


Qu. 24: How far into the room does the Nature’s Design carafe work?

The larger Nature’s Design carafe works about 2.5m into the room, the light one about 1.5m. Plants and animals also react extremely positively to Nature’s Design products.


Qu. 25: How long does the effect of the revitalisation last?

Without interference, the loading of the Nature’s Design water will last about one week. Some customers use the Aladdin carafe water to fill a plastic bottle and take it to work. Because plastic shows left turning energy, the charge is shortened, but will still last for the day.


Qu. 26: Should you add gemstones or other things?

Adding jewels requires a profound knowledge of the effects of stones. Stones release a special frequency spectrum, which can be used for special treatments and to aid physical weaknesses. They should not be used to constantly charge water, because not every stone is suitable for every person. In our opinion (Nature’s Design), continuous use of jewel energy is not wholesome for the body.


Qu. 27: Does the colour of the Nature’s Design carafe influence the effects?

The most important influence is the shape/form of the Nature’s Design carafe. However, with colour you can transport additional positive frequencies into the room. Every colour has a beneficial effect on certain cell activity by its frequency.


Qu. 28: Where should I place my Aladdin carafe?

Place the Nature’s Design carafe in a prominent place out of direct sunlight. The effect of the form strength reaches approx. 2m into the surrounding field (if the crown plug is on).


Qu. 29: Can Aladdin also be helpful in case of illness?

In case of illness, it is advisable to drink every liquid out of the Nature’s Design carafe and to be in close proximity to the forms. Therefore place the Nature’s Design carafe near your bed, since the form strength reaches approx. 2m into its surroundings, thus supporting the immune system.


Qu. 30: Can you hear the music from any of the glassware?

The form of Nature’s Design products offers a subtle resonance space, which is comparable to the building of the violin’s body. Different carafes resonate to different notes. The Nature’s Design Alladin Family carafe, for example, is tuned to the sound frequency of the note C, whereas the Nature’s Design Alladin and Nature’s Design Delicate carafes resonate to the sound frequency of the note F. The body itself does not produce music, however it acts as an aerial and, with its special dimensions, creates waves of resonance that have a revitalising effect.


Qu. 31: What is the difference to other methods of water revitalisation?

Common means of water vitalisation are built into existing water pipes. The contact with the flowing water is very brief and because of that the stability of the loading is very low. The continuing flow of the water through the pipes weakens the load of the water. The charging of water in the Aladdin Carafe takes a few minutes and, because of that, lasts longer. The intensity of the re-vitalisation with other vitalisation methods is similar to Aladdin . However the costs of Aladdin are considerably lower. In addition to that, a Nature’s Design product is a handmade, valuable product which adds to the atmosphere of the room. The vitalisation of water with Aladdin happens without the use of additional means like electricity or magnetism.


Qu. 32: Which tests have been carried out?

Research has been conducted into the alteration of water crystals, with expert opinions from renowned holistic experts and human medics. Essential for us, however, is the feedback and positive experiences of our many customers around the world.


Qu. 33: How difficult is it to clean the taps on the Universe and Beauty carafes?

A well-designed, easy system with detailed description is included when you buy your Nature’s Design products. The cleaning set includes citric acid and a tube to empty the carafe. The Nature’s Design carafe is maintained and cleaned in minutes and guarantees many years of constant re-vitalisation, leaving you delighted with your beautiful original piece.


Qu. 34: Are Nature’s Design carafes machine-produced?

Every Nature’s Design carafe is made to strictly monitored dimensions from mouthblown glass created by artisans mostly in Poland and Czechoslovakia. If you wish, you can watch your own carafe being made and at the same time experience the fascination of glass making.


Qu. 35: What if the glass gets a flaw?

Glass always has a certain residual tension due to its production. So-called shatter cracks in the glass of Nature’s Design products are very rare, since these are “double relaxed“. Nevertheless, in rare cases glass cracks can be formed. Should this occur, affected products will of course immediately be replaced. Faults caused by client’s negligence cannot be replaced.


Qu. 36: What happens if a glass breaks?

In the Nature’s Design workshop constant quality checks are routine and offered to customers. This guarantees a life-long function of Nature’s Design products.


Qu. 37: What if I am nevertheless dissatisfied with the Nature’s Design products after purchase?

Please review our Terms and Conditions on our secure online shopping cart prior to purchase.