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Nature’s Design has provided the following instructions for how to use and care for your Nature’s Design products:

For optimal vitalisation

  1. Fill the carafe/glass/tumbler/bottle and let it stand for at least 3 minutes before drinking, to allow the revitalising effect to take place.
  2. Place the carafe in a conspicuous place, as Nature’s Design products also affect the harmonising of the atmosphere in the surrounding space. Revitalised water may be used for cooking, watering plants, aquariums, pets and livestock.


  • To preserve the symbol in the bottom of the carafe, it is recommended to wash it by hand only. Do not machine wash (see information about CLEANING below).
  • Do not leave the filled glassware in direct sunlight as this promotes the growth of algae – a perfectly natural process. It may also create a burning glass effect which could lead to a fire.

IMPORTANT information about hot liquids:

All Nature’s Design products are ONLY intended for cold or lukewarm liquids – EXCEPTIONS include:

  • The 300ml THANK YOU bottles (including Baby Bottle), which can withstand hot water* – up to 100oC
  • The LAGOENA water bottle, which is designed to withstand moderately hot water* – up to 70oC
  • the 500ml DELICATE carafe, which is designed to withstand moderately hot water* – up to 70oC
  • The MYTHOS tumblers and Jasmina drinking glasses can also withstand hot water* up to 70oC however we recommend that you only pour water that is safe to touch without scalding, as glass is an excellent conductor of heat and these glasses do not have protective cork coverings

*Please note: Glass is an excellent conductor of heat! Please use caution when filling your glassware with hot water and handle with care.

IMPORTANT information about freezing:

Please do not attempt to freeze liquid contained in any Nature’s Design products. Most liquids expand when frozen and this will cause the glass to break.

For example, if you put water in the Lagoena Bottle and then store it in your freezer, the glass is likely to break – even if you have allowed room for expansion. This is because water expands approx. 9 % in all directions when it becomes frozen – not just in the direction of the space allowed for expansion. The continuous force of the freezing water will apply pressure to the glass wall and eventually the bottle will crack.

Please note: We cannot be responsible for products that break due to being frozen.



  • Any deposits in the carafe may be removed with warm water and 1 tablespoon of citric acid. Leave for 2 hours and then clean the inside of the carafe. Do not use citric acid on the outside of the carafe.
  • In cases of extreme dirt deposits in the carafe, add 3 tablespoons of uncooked rice and water to the carafe. Swing around in circular movements until the rice has removed all sediments followed by the citric acid solution as above and rinse.
  • We do not recommend using a dishwasher to clean any Nature’s Design products. Some products are “dishwasher-safe with conditions”. A dishwasher-safe message will be added to the relevant product description on our website or shopping cart explaining the limitations of the product in terms of dishwasher cleaning.
  • Special glass cleaning tools and citric acid are available for purchase through our website.
  • DO NOT clean the SCREW-CAP LIDS of the Lagoena or Thank You bottles in hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher. Clean gently by hand with a clean, damp cloth.



  • In rare cases, symptoms such as headache or diarrhea may occur – this is sometimes described as “detoxification”. This is not a serious health problem, but simply an expression of the body being “cleansed”. In these cases, it is recommended to increase slowly the quantity of Nature’s Design water.


A note from Nature’s Design:

No form of healing or any other promises of influence over illness are associated with Nature’s Design glassware. The use of Nature’s Design glassware does not promise to enhance wellbeing and the user must assume personal responsibility for use.

Verification of the effectiveness and influence of a product over a living system is always limited by the framework conditions of the respective analysis. However, aside from any limitation of interpretation, the decades of positive experience acquired by consistently satisfied Nature’s Design customers provides the most valuable support that TC glassware brings to the everyday lives of plants, animals and people.



‘NTP Health Products’ is not connected with any kind of statement about healing or specific health benefits in relation to any of the products we stock. The information provided on this website has been sourced from the manufacturer and is supplied in good faith. NTP Health Products is not responsible for any interpretation of the information contained herein. As Australian Distributors of this product range, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to source a response from the manufacturers.